• Operation Sacred Trust| Ending Veteran Homelessness in South Florida
  • Operation Sacred Trust| Ending Veteran Homelessness in South Florida
  • Operation Sacred Trust| Ending Veteran Homelessness in South Florida
  • Operation Sacred Trust| Ending Veteran Homelessness in South Florida
  • Operation Sacred Trust| Ending Veteran Homelessness in South Florida
  • Operation Sacred Trust| Ending Veteran Homelessness in South Florida

Miami-Dade: Thursdays: 10AM-1PM
Barbara Carey-Shuler Manor
1400 NW 54th Street, 8th Floor
Miami, Florida 33142

Broward: Wednesdays, 10AM-1PM
Operation Sacred Trust
4000 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 625-S
Hollywood, Florida 33021

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Welcome to Operation Sacred Trust

Homeless Veteran.

In America, those are two words that should never go together. Yet for tens of thousands of men and women who have borne the battle, homelessness is their daily reality. Many, many more are one crisis away from losing housing and the most basic requirements for stable lives.

In the fall of 2011, under the leadership of Carrfour Supportive Housing, Florida's largest nonprofit developer of supportive housing, Operation Sacred Trust ("OST") was launched out of a commitment to end and prevent homelessness for Veterans and their loved ones in south Florida. From its inception, the initiative has been funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program ("SSVF").

In less than four years, OST has helped end and prevent homelessness for more than 4,500 Veterans and their family members in Broward and Miami-Dade counties and has been credited with ending chronic homelessness for Veterans in distressed neighborhoods where many once thought there was little hope.

Through a unique collaboration that includes Carrfour, PAIRS Foundation, a global leader in relationships skills training that has helped thousands of Veterans strengthen families, friendships and often life saving social support networks, and Henderson Behavioral Health, one of nation's oldest and most respected mental health agencies, OST has created cost-effective, holistic service delivery models for ensuring America truly honors our sacred trust with those who have offered their lives to protect our own.

If you or someone you know is a low-income Veteran facing or experiencing homelessness in Miami-Dade or Broward counties, call OST for immediate help at (855) 778-3411 x816 or text VETERAN to 67076.

If you are one of hundreds of millions of Americans whose lives have been blessed by the selfless service, sacrifice and dedication of America's Veterans, please join us in standing with these brave men and women during their time of greatest need.

Ending homelessness for America's Veterans is possible. Our success depends of each of us.

Contribute to Operation Sacred Trust

Your contribution through Network for Good will make a difference for a Veteran family in need. Please specify that your contribution is for Operation Sacred Trust.

For Help in Miami-Dade or Broward County

Call (855) SSVF-411 x816


The vision of Operation Sacred Trust, funded by the Veterans Administration Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program, is to improve very low-income Veteran families’ housing stability. The program provides outreach, case management, and resiliency services and will assist participants to obtain VA benefits and other public benefits, such as: health care services, daily living services, personal financial planning services, transportation services, fiduciary and payee services, legal services, child care services, housing counseling services, temporary financial assistance (including time-limited payments to third parties for rent, utilities, moving expenses, security and utility deposits, transportation, child care and emergency supplies).


Carrfour Supportive Housing

Stephanie Berman

Stephanie Berman
Phone : (305) 371-8300
Email : sberman@carrfour.org

Sandra Newson

Sandra Newson
Vice President of Resident Services
Phone : (305) 371-8300 x1306
Email : snewson@carrfour.org

Executive Committee

Seth Eisenberg

Seth Eisenberg
Project Director
Phone : (954) 703-4533 x810
Email : seth.eisenberg@pairs.com

Moeed Ishrat

Moeed Ishrat
Director, Outreach & Intake
Phone : (954) 703-4535 x819
Email : moeed@411Veterans.com

Yamaris Arbitman Quiles

Yamaris Arbitman Quiles
Director, Case Management
Phone : (954) 703-4535, x813
Email : yamaris@411Veterans.com

Caryn Schindler

Caryn Schindler
Administrative Director
Phone : (954) 703-4533 x802
Email : caryn@411Veterans.com

Outreach, Intake & Eligibility

Bruce Baker, Jr.

Bruce Baker, Jr.
Intake/Eligibility Specialist
Phone : (954) 703-4537 x808
Email : intake@411Veterans.com

Jaymee Kent

Jaymee Kent
HMIS Lead/Data Manager
Phone : (954) 703-4535, x818
Email : jaymee@411Veterans.com

Alejandro Lozano

Alejandro Lozano
Intake/Eligibility Specialist
Phone : (954) 703-4537 x816
Email : intake@411Veterans.com

Miguel Marquez

Miguel Marquez
Outreach Specialist
Phone : (954) 703-4535 x814
Email : miguel@411Veterans.com

Javier Camacho

Javier Camacho
Housing Specialist
Phone : (786) 220-7299 x820
Email : javier@411Veterans.com

Veteran Support/Case Mangement

Yvette Costa

Yvette Costa (Verde Gardens)
Miami-Dade Team Leader, Case Manager
Phone : (954) 703-4535 x824
Email : yvette@411Veterans.com

Julie Macias

Julie Macias (Hollywood)
Broward Team Leader, Case Manager
Phone : (954) 703-4536 x822
Email : julie@411Veterans.com

Charles Armand

Charles Armand (Shuler Manor)
Veteran Support Specialist
Phone : (855) 778-3411 x823
Email : charles@411Veterans.com

Larissa Bailey

Larissa Bailey (Hollywood)
Veteran Support Specialist
Phone : (954) 703-4535 x809
Email : larissa@411Veterans.com

Camille Eisenmann

Camille Eisenmann (Hollywood)
Veteran Support Specialist
Phone : (954) 376-7179 x812
Email : camille@411Veterans.com

Emilio Espino

Emilio Espino (Villa Aurora)
Veteran Support Specialist
Phone : (954) 703-4535 x821
Email : emilio@411Veterans.com

Juan Garcia

Juan Garcia (Bonita Cove)
Veteran Support Specialist
Phone : (954) 703-4535 x817
Email : juan@411Veterans.com

Matthew Gibson

Matthew Gibson (Hollywood)
Veteran Support Specialist
Phone : (954) 703-4535 x828
Email : matthew@411Veterans.com

Cari Reyes

Cari Reyes (Verde Gardens)
Veteran Support Specialist
Phone : (954) 703-4535 x815
Email : cari@411Veterans.com

Whitney Scott

Whitney Scott (Hollywood)
Veteran Support Specialist
Phone : (954) 703-4535 x814
Email : whitney@411Veterans.com

Maria Zuniga

Maria Zuniga (Hollywood)
Veteran Support Specialist
Phone : (305) 722-4382 x827
Email : maria@411Veterans.com

Interested in joining the OST team?

Click here to search Monster.com for current openings.

If there are no current openings, you can send your resume and a cover letter letting us know why you're an exceptional candidate for the OST team to work4ost@411Veterans.com.